Trade on v1

This walk through shows how to make a trade from one token to another token on Symmetric.

Connecting your wallet

Symmetric is a fully non-custodial service and so swaps entail sending and receiving tokens directly from your wallet. Therefore the first step is to connect your wallet to Symmetric.

Visit the xDai exchange site at

Click on the "Connect Wallet" icon in the top right to open the dialogue where you can choose MetaMask or WalletConnect to connect your wallet.

MetaMask is a browser plugin which we will use for the remainder of this walkthrough. We will assume that you have the MetaMask plugin installed and have created an account.

WalletConnect allows you to connect your mobile wallet to the exchange.

We recommend using the Cent Mobile wallet on iOS and Android but you can use any wallet that supports the xDai network and WalletConnect standard.

If using MetaMask, you will be greeted with the MetaMask login if you don't already have the MetaMask wallet unlocked.

Unlock your wallet and you will find that you now have your wallet address displayed in the top right of the Symmetric screen.

Making a trade

Now that you're connected to the exchange you should select the token pair you are looking to swap. To do this, click on either the to or from token icon to open a list of tokens that you can swap.

This list is made up of default tokens that have been approved to appear in the standard token list in Symmetric. There may be tokens being traded that are not yet approved such as new token launches. These can be added by copy and pasting the token contract address into the bar at the top and adding that token to your personal white list of tokens.

The numbers on the right of the list are taken from your wallet to show how much of each token you are holding in your wallet.

Once you've chosen your tokens to swap you are able to initiate the swap process.

The first time you swap a coin you must unlock the coin in Symmetric to allow it to be used in a trade. Clicking unlock opens up MetaMask for you to sign the unlock transaction.

Once unlocked, you can from that point forward swap the coin by clicking the Swap button.

The Swap action again opens up MetaMask for you to sign the swap transaction.

Once confirmed you will see the receipt displayed in the bottom right of the swap screen.

While not necessary to complete a trade you may be interested to view what pools will be used to fulfil the trade. This be found by clicking on the "View order routing" dropdown below the main swap control group.

In this case you can see that the swap is fulfilled using two pools with one pool making up the majority of the fulfilment.

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