Due diligence

While we try to filter listed tokens you should always conduct some level of due diligence yourself on tokens you plan to buy or hold

Due diligence takes many forms but as a starting point we recommend the following.

  • Read as much content as possible about a token and project including white papers if they exist or information on the project website

  • Look at the team behind the project. Do they have a history of good projects or bad projects?

  • If you're technical then look at the project's source control system. How actively maintained is the project?

  • Look at the projects community, are there real people in the community or is it all bots?

  • Talk to people you know and trust for their views on a project

  • Ask about the tokens in the Discord channels or Telegram groups

  • Consider using third party evaluation services such as Capital Pilot.

We are also looking at how we can in a decentralised way create risk scores for tokens. Managing risk is important when making any kind of investment and so we hope to assist with this through new decentralised ways to evaluate and risk score tokens.

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