SYMM token

This FAQ details the purpose of SYMM tokens

What is SYMM?

SYMM tokens are ERC20 tokens paid out weekly to liquidity providers and value creators in the Symmetric platform.

Do SYMM coins have value?

As an ERC20 token they can be freely traded on exchanges including the Symmetric and Uniswap exchanges. Therefore they do have value as determined by the open market.

Which network are SYMM tokens available on?

SYMM is created on the Ethereum main network but there's a wrapped version on the xDai network.
With the launch of Symmetric onto Celo and later, Polygon, wrapped versions of the SYMM coin will be available on those networks also.

As well as trading, is there anything else I can do with my SYMM?

SYMM is also the only token that can be exchanged for voting shares on the DAO.