How to get SYMM

How to get SYMM (Symmetric's governance token)

How can I buy SYMM tokens?

You can buy SYMM through Symmetric on the xDai network or through Uniswap on the Ethereum main network.

If using Symmetric, simply go to the exchange at

If using Uniswap, go to the Uniswap app at and add the SYMM coin to your list of supported coins.

Choose Select a token.

On the dialogue that opens, copy in the SYMM token contract address at the top of the dialogue.

Contract address


Click the Import button which will open a confirmation dialogue.

Click Import and you will now see SYMM as a coin you can purchase.

However, SYMM coin is held in Uniswap v2 coins so you will need to click the v2 support link immediately below the trade window to include v2 pools.

How else can users get SYMM tokens?

Liquidity providers on Symmetric earn the SYMM governance token, which is calculated and distributed weekly (detailed in the next section).

In addition, community members can also earn SYMM by completing outstanding tasks on GitHub for Bounties

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