Audits & Risk Fund

Symmetric smart contracts are audited by QuillAudits. Audit certificate and full report can be downloaded from here.

Risk Fund

The risk fund exists to help protect liquidity providers from losses through incidents that are no fault of their own and are not a normal part of market activity

Extra protection for liquidity providers

Since the birth of DeFi there have been a number of incidents resulting from faults with exchanges or assets being trades on exchanges. When this happens it's the liquidity providers who lose out.

Symmetric sets out to improve on this by maintaining a fund of mixed assets which can be claimed against in the event of losses by liquidity providers stemming from one off events that are not their own fault and are not part of normal daily trading activity.

It's very uncommon to have this type of protection from a DeFi product but this is just one way that we work to create safe and fair markets for our users.

If you as a liquidity provider believe that you are entitled to a payment from this fund then you can approach a member of the operations team to discuss and if appropriate, raise a claim through the Symmetric DAO. The operations team will be able to assist with the creation of a claim if it's believed that a claim is suitable.

While the risk fund provides a level of protection missing from other DeFi projects we want to create the safest trading and investing environment possible.

We are exploring third party services and insurance options to evaluate what is the best level of protection that can be provided at the right cost for the platform.

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