Approved Tokens

Anyone can list their own tokens in their own pools but there's a default list of approved tokens that have been verified

The whitelist

Symmetric maintains a white list of approved tokens as well as a black list of blocked tokens.

White list tokens are tokens that have asked to be scrutinized by the Symmetric team and after that scrutiny were considered suitable for inclusion in the default token list. This should not be taken as advisory in regards to which tokens to invest in but can be considered a first step in your own due diligence process. Equally, just because a token isn't white listed does not mean that the token is a poor investment since we only evaluate tokens that have expressively asked to be scrutinized.

Our scrutiny process typically looks at the following.

We check the project GitHub to ensure the project isn't simply a fork of a project with no further modification. We also check that a project is actively maintained.

We check online for reports of scams or negative sentiment towards a project.

Where possible we look at the team behind the project.

For traded coins we look at trade volumes and activity.

We are also evaluating third party services for creating risk scores for tokens and projects which could be introduced either as a voluntary badge for listed coins or as part of the white list evaluation process.

Identifying white listed tokens

From the exchange view, white listed tokens are those tokens that appear in the drop down list of tokens that can be traded. Non-white list tokens have to be added by the user using the tokens contract address.

From the pools view, when creating a pool then the tokens listed will be white listed tokens. Non-white list tokens have to added using the tokens contract address. When adding liquidity to a pool, if the pool contains tokens that haven't been white listed then a warning message is displayed when the pool is opened to indicate that the pool should be considered to have a higher risk and should be approached with further due diligence of the tokens it contains.

If you wish to get your projects token whitelisted go here

Current Whitelisted Tokens

xDai Network

  • AGVE

  • HNY

  • LINK

  • MIVA


  • SYMM

  • WBTC

  • USDC

  • WETH


  • DAI

  • xDAI

  • wxDAI

Celo Network

  • cBTC

  • cETH

  • cEUR

  • cUSD

  • SYMM

  • UBE

  • CELO

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